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8 Months

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Hope, 8 Months8 months finds Hope growing, changing, and becoming more gorgeous every day.

She is easily sitting and keeping her balance on her own now. In fact, she is almost able to sit up by herself now too!

Crawling is going to come soon. She is starting to get up on her hands and knees, at which point she will rock back and forth, and usually end up flopping backwards … ending up further from where she wants to go! She sure tries hard though, it won’t take long for things to come together. 

She is learning how to use her fingers better, she can pick up cheerios and manage to get them in her mouth on her own, and has mastered the art of pinching things between her thumb and fingers. Eating now goes hand in hand with pinching. Hope’s favorite thing to pinch while she is eating seems to be mom’s chest … which as a result looks like a scabby war zone.

Eating has become another new adventure this month. She had started to enjoy tasting foods, but until recently had not really wanted to eat any quantity of them. In the past week she has really decided she likes to eat now. Orange foods are her favorite, squash, carrots, and sweet potato – she sure makes funny faces for green-beans though! 

Enjoy the new photos!

Hope, 8 Months Hope, 8 Months Hope, 8 Months
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Daddy Tips, Tricks & Trouble

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Hope, 7 MonthsRichard has been quite busy teaching Hope new tricks as she grows.

Biting the pacifier and playing tug with her teeth was a fun game … as long as it involved daddy and the pacifier. Once she carried it over to feeding time with mom though, we had a bit of a painful problem (followed by a discussion with dad regarding future new tricks).

The fine art of blowing a raspberry did not go over so well when she showered her half-asleep mom with a spray of milk the following morning… but she sure was amused and proud of herself! Dad tried his best to hide his amusement and feign innocence (apparently in light of mom’s displeasure it seemed the wise response) but with little success as he couldn’t seem to stop laughing.

His most recent was to teach her to stick her tongue out. She is quite a little ham, and very quickly picks up on new things – especially if it results in making people laugh at her! Needless to say, she very quickly became quite proficient at this new skill, and spent so much time with her tongue hanging out of her mouth that I had to buy her a tube of chapstick as she was causing a red chapped area on her bottom lip and chin.  

Here she is with Joanna – showing off her new skills!

Joanna & Hope, 7 Months Joanna & Hope, 7 Months 
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Little Vampire Child

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

These pictures speak for themselves . . . Be sure to view all four in order!

Richard & Hope, 7 Months

Richard & Hope, 7 Months Richard & Hope, 7 Months Richard & Hope, 7 Months
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(Note from Mommy: “He He He … Finally, Daddy gets a taste of his own medicine after teaching her to bite!”)

Hope Meets Grandma!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Hope, 7 Months

Our trip back from back from California started out well enough. OnStar got us lost in downtown San Diego (when I asked for directions to the nearest beach, they sent me to Beach Street market, in the middle of downtown San Diego). Then they sent us clear over to an island when I called for new directions to an actual beach.  The new puppies in the back only howled for a couple hours before deciding to quiet down. The visit to the beach (once we actually got to one) was wonderful, the best part of the whole trip! Then we hit the road heading back toward NM, with a stop along the way to visit Richard’s mom and sister.

Hope got to meet her Grandma (Richard’s mom) for the first time, and was a big hit. She was welcomed with open arms, new toys to play with, and had excited smiles to share with everyone.  Hope was infatuated with Grandma’s new Pearls and loved playing with them. We had a nice visit, and Hope got to spend a happy afternoon with her Grandma. 

Hope, 7 MonthsGrandma & Hope, 7 Months
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After our visit we hit the road again, a little later than intended, but planning to reach home by midnight. Hope had other plans though. After about 30 minutes back on the road, she decided she was done being in the carseat. So, we stopped for dinner, let her relax for a while, then tried it again. This time we only made it about 20 minutes of driving before she decided she was done. After another 30 minutes of trying, unsuccessfully, anything to keep her happy, we pulled off on the side of the road to take her out and feed her. With Hope nice and happy, we figured we could finally get back on the road and headed home … guess we forgot to ask her approval on that one because the car-seat did not go over well again. It didn’t take long before Richard or I could stand her being so upset, so we stopped at a gas-station with a tasty freeze and sat down to enjoy an ice-cream cone  for a while. As long as she was out of the carseat, Hope was as happy as can be! This time when we started driving again, she lasted about 30 minutes before she started crying. By now, it was after 9PM and of we drove straight thru the rest of the night we wouldn’t reach home until 6:00 the next morning… and Hope was bawling again. We finally gave up, found the nearest cheap hotel, and called it a night. As soon as she had a bed to stretch out in, Hope was sound asleep for the night.

The next day we started early and made it home in decent time, despite construction slowdowns, wind so strong we could not see more than 50 feet in front of the car thru the blowing dust, rainstorms, sleet, then snow. It sure was nice to finally make it home and be out of the weather and the car!

California Fun at the Beach

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Laura & Hope, 7 MonthsWe took a road trip out to California to pick up a couple of new Cane Corso puppies, and Hope got to see the ocean for the first time. She seemed quite excited watching the waves, so I took her out to see one up close and personal. Standing with her toes in the sand was interesting for her – she did the stork thing for a second with one leg up in the air, then noticed the wave coming in toward her. I guess they must have looked a lot better from up in the safety of mom’s arms than staring at them from her level, because she sure was watching it intently. She didn’t really mind though, till it washed over her toes – then she decided it was COLD and she didn’t much care for bare toes in the waves!

She did great on the trip out, and really enjoyed all the time spent visiting folks and seeing the sights. On our way out we stopped at a beautiful beach to relax and enjoy ourselves for a bit. I think some folks that live near it take the ocean for granted as it is there all the time, probably like I do the mountains here. I love the ocean though, it is so beautiful and relaxing for me. The time spend on the beach with Richard and Hope was the best part of the whole trip for me!

Here are some photos to share.   : )

Richard & Hope, 7 Months Laura & Hope, 7 Months Laura & Hope, 7 Months

Laura & Hope, 7 Months Richard & Hope, 7 Months Laura & Hope, 7 Months
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A Day at the Park

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Hope, 7 Months

We spent this afternoon at a park with my family celebrating Hope’s Grandpa’s birthday! She really seemed to enjoy being outdoors for the afternoon.

It was a nice day, just warm enough to be pleasant without being hot, though I found the breeze to be just a bit chilly myself. Hope is becoming more and more alert and responsive all the time. She is a happy baby, always ready to laugh and just full of smiles for everyone!

Her top teeth are coming in now, the middle two are just through, and the next two on the top look like they are going to be coming in right behind them. I think now that her teeth are coming in, she is developing quite an interest in trying them out – she likes to chew on any objects, clothes, and fingers she can find available.  : ) 

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7 Months

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Hope, 7 Months

When I showed these photos to a friend, her response was “Wow, she’s such a little person already“. Of course she’s a little person, but what I think she meant was that Hope is growing up so fast, and not looking so much a little baby anymore. It really is amazing watching her grow and change, she seems to become more and more beautiful by the day.

Hope can sit and keep her balance on her own now! (at least for as long as sitting holds her interest). And her first top teeth are on their way!

Hope is really developing an interest in tasting things. She’s not much for actually eating any quantity of anything, but certainly will let us know that she wants to try almost anything we are eating ourselves. Foods with texture like breads, pasta, avocados, etc are all quite exciting to her now. She’s not much for mush though, won’t have anything to do with rice or oatmeal baby cereal, and a spoon-full of smashed banana resulted in the funniest face as she tried to spit it out! Guess she takes after her mom there, ugh, slimy bananas . . .

For this month’s photos, I draped a white sheet over the headboard of our bed, dropped a couple desk lamps at the foot of the bed, Richard played peek-a-boo with Hope and I and ended up with some beautiful shots! Feeling rather pleased with myself and the way they turned out, I sent a number off to Costco to be printed. When I got there to pick them up though, they said there was a problem… They required a signed copyright release from the photographer to reprint any professional studio shots. I don’t think the lady believed me when I kept telling her I took them myself, but in the end they made me sign a waiver stating they were my own shots (apparently to make sure that when the real photographer showed up to sue Costco, they could pass the blame off on me) and let me have my prints. I’m very pleased with how they turned out, and guess I ought to take that whole experience as quite a compliment!

I love these pictures, hope you enjoy them!

Hope, 7 Months Hope, 7 Months Hope, 7 Months
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6 Months (on a roll now)

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Hope, 6 MonthsWhat a month of firsts for Hope this has been. In the past weeks she has gotten two teeth, learned to roll over – both ways -  to pull herself into a sitting position in her swing, and to be quite more vocal and opinionated as well!

 She has become very “touchy”. Especially when she is eating she loves to look up and touch my face with her hand.

 She has started really getting into expressing herself with sounds now too, especially in the mornings. Some mornings we wake up to what sounds like a very happy barnyard has gotten loose in the crib across the room!

She has started using rolling as her means of getting places now. If she wants to scoot and can’t seem to get the coordination down to get where she wants to go, she’ll roll a couple times and be right there! 

Her balance is getting stronger, and soon she’s going to be sitting on her own I bet.  : )

Hope, 6 Months Hope, 6 Months Hope, 6 Months
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Faith & Hope, 6 Months Faith & Hope, 6 Months Faith & Hope, 6 Months
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Houdini On The Go!

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Hope, 5 MonthsThis morning I woke up to a missing baby.

Though I admittedly must have been quite tired during the night when I got up to feed her, I was sure I remembered putting her back in her clothing and back into her crib … However, the morning’s view of the crip had me second guessing myself and my tired brain with some confusion.

Oddly enough, her eskimo suit was lying perfectly in the middle of the crib (where Hope should have been). What I found even more odd was that it was all snapped closed, and her pajamas were layered inside the eskimo suit too. These also were snapped closed. The baby, however, that should have been inside the pajamas, inside the eskimo suit, was most certainly NOT there.

I checked her swing in the living room … no baby.
I checked our bed – thinking that perhaps Richard had picked her up as I slept … no baby.

More and more confused by the moment, I decided to wake Richard up for help locating Hope (and my brain – which had obviously left me). On my way by the crib again, I noticed a foot sticking out from under the pile of laundry. . . and attached to that foot was a naked little happily sleeping baby!

The night before I had washed a load of Hope’s clothes and blankets, and as they came out of the dryer late I put them in one end of her crib to fold the next day. Apparently the little Houdini managed to scoot right out of her pajamas, right out of her eskimo suit, and across the crib to bury herself under the pile of laundry!

Hope, 5 Months Hope, 5 Months
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Hope’s current preferred means of locomotion involves “scooting” on her heels and the top of her head, with her back arched, body completly off the ground, while using her arms to either side for balance. While it may sound odd, it really is quite interesting to watch! Although we have discussed the option of creating her a little teflon hat, hopefully she’ll move on to an alternative means of moving around before she wears herself a bald spot on the top of her head!

Sitting Up

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Hope, 5 Months

Sitting on her own doesn’t hold much interest for Hope yet. She’d much rather be standing – with our help for balance. So anytime we put her in a sitting position she’ll stiffen and arch back against our hands to try to stand. In her swing however, she has learned she can grab either side of the swing seat and pull herself into a sitting up position. This new trick is great fun, and to make it even more interesting she learned how to rock back and forth once sitting up to rock the swing by herself! She’ll laugh, and sit up, and flop backwards, and sit up again till she’s tired and worn out and and takes a nap.

Hope, 5 Months Hope, 5 Months
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Since the swing is low to the ground, Faith will often stop by for a visit and poke her nose in to say hi. Hope LOVES the dogs, and always gets really excited to see them!

On a Roll!

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Hope rolled over for the first time today! Richard and I were playing with her on our bed, I made a comment that she was so close to rolling over as I got up to go grab a glass of water … and just as I walked out of the room Richard yelled that she did it! Once she got the first time down (from back to stomach) she quickly became a pro at it and by evening was rolling from her stomach back to her back again as well!

The Arrival of the Teeth

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Hope, 5 MonthsHope’s first two teeth have arrived!

The past week of fussines from our normally laid back and happy baby caught us both a bit off guard … but soon enough two good reasons lower teeth popped through and the fussy bouts disappeared (along with the flood of drool).

Hope seems to be quite enthralled with her new teeth – she spends most of each day with her fingers in her mouth now just feeling them and checking them out.  : )

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5 Months

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Hope, 5 Months After 5 months Hope is growing more and more every day in so many ways.  She is happy, full of smiles, alert, and responsive. There are so many little things that she is starting to do – and her beautiful smiles are becoming more and more frequent. She loves to play hide and seek with me! When Richard is holding her I will move so her view of my is blocked by his head … she’ll lean to one side or the other to see around him and find me – then get so excited and happy! I move the other way and she’ll lean back the other direction to peek around and find me again. She’s almost got the rolling over thing figured out … as soon as she learns how to move her arm out of the way she’ll have it down pat.

As always, enjoy the photos!

Hope, 5 Months Hope, 5 Months Hope, 5 Months
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Big Bunny Feet

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

The day after New Years we stopped by to visit and Hope was promptly kidnapped by Sarah as soon as we arrived. No worries though – she re-appeared shortly later (much to everyone’s amusement) wearing two big bunny feet!

Sarah & Hope 4 Months Sarah & Hope 4 Months
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First Christmas!

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Hope, 4.5 monthsWhat a lot of fun we had for Hope’s first Christmas! As we currently don’t have a working 4-WD vehicle, and our road is muddy and snowy right now, we had to leave the house before it thawed in the morning, and came back home after it froze over again at night. We spent the day having fun with family at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. Hope made the rounds getting held by everyone, working on her efforts to roll over (so very close to almost there) and sharing lots of happy smiles and laughs. 

Hope’s favorite gift was a big baby bouncer from Grandma & Grandpa just loaded with toys! The box said it was for kids a little bigger than her, that could sit up on their own already, but with the help of a rolled blanket around her in the seat she’s enjoying it already. It didn’t take her long at all to realize she could put her little toes on the ground and start to bounce herself, and though she doesn’t yet grab the toys she was able to push them with her hand to make them move and rattle.

Hope, 4.5 months Hope, 4.5 months
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Hope was adorably cute in a little red dress from her other Grandma in CA, finished up perfectly with a matching little red cap. Enjoy the pictures!