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Faith, Hope, and (puppy)Love

Monday, August 11th, 2008
For anyone who has not met Faith and heard her amazing story, visit her website at to share her incredible story. This little dog has a very special place in my heart and life. I haven’t had the heart to break the news to her that she’s a dog though. Since I carried her for the first couple months of her life, I swear she believes she is a person. In fact, Richard has jokingly asked me when I am going to break the news to Hope that Faith is the true firstborn child in the family!  Faith is my constant companion, always by my side, always in the room I am in, she sleeps in the bed with me, I swear she thinks she is a human. As my pregnancy progressed things changed a little, Faith learned that she was better off sleeping by my feet after the second time the belly bumped her right out of the bed. I had to put a doggie bed right by my feet when I am working on the computer after she no longer fit on my lap. She adjusted well though.
When I went into labor at home, I didn’t want to lock her out of the room, but didn’t want her underfoot getting in the way either… so I got her a soft crate with screen sides so she could easily see me from the adjoining room. She waited patiently for me to let her out, and though she had a soft bed in the crate, she spent the entire night glued against the front door watching and worrying about me. Every time I would moan she would whimper a little worried whine. I don’t think she slept all night. When we left for the hospital the next morning she was so worried – as soon as she was let out of the crate she bolted for the door and slipped out despite efforts to keep her in (I was already in the car). She ran straight for the car, jumped the seat and started licking my face. I had to hand her back to Richard to put back in the house, and we left. That was Friday morning. I didn’t come back from the hospital till Sunday afternoon. Richard made a couple trips back home during that time to feed and care for the animals, but Faith wouldn’t even go near him. Every time he walked in the door she would bolt across the room and bark at him. She must have thought he killed her mom (me) and buried my body somewhere and I was never coming back.
Sunday afternoon when I got home she was SO happy to see me!!! I walked over to the bed and Faith flew across the room, jumped up on the bed, tried to climb into my arms, and frantically whined and licked my chin and nibbled my hair … like she thought she would never see me again. She was so happy! Then after a couple minutes of saying hi, she noticed something move in the car-seat we had set on the bed…
Faith was intrigued by Hope, she watched her intently, started sniffing her toes, and would watch so alertly every time Hope moved. Then Faith did something very interesting - she sniffed Hope, walked over and sniffed Richard, went back and sniffed Hope again, walked over and sniffed me, then went back and sniffed Hope again … and that was it. Faith laid down right by the car-seat and quietly watched her.

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Faith has since adopted Hope as ’her’ baby. The crib is at the foot of our bed, and when Hope is in the crib, Faith will stand or lie at the foot of the bed and watch her in the crib. When we are out of the room and Hope starts to cry, Faith will be the first one in there watching to be sure she is alright. When I put Hope on the bed, Faith will lay right beside her, or will lay with her nose just touching Hope. When family and friends come to visit and hold Hope, Faith is very intent on watching every move they make with ‘her baby’. It is amazing to watch.