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Hope's Room

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Hope’s room (one side of the master bedroom at the foot of our bed) is a beautiful place full of love. 

Faith’s spot is here at the foot of our bed, where she can see in the crib, and watch over ‘her baby’ while Hope is sleeping. Faith can usually be found napping on the foot of the bed, but at the slightest peep from the crib she’ll stand up with her feet on the foot-board and check to make sure everything is OK. Anytime she is out of the bedroom with me, if she hears Hope start to whimper or cry, she’ll race into the bedroom and jump up on the foot of the bed to check on her! Somehow I have a feeling these two are going to be inseparable as Hope grows up.

Hope’s beautiful crib is a gift from my best friend Colleen. It was her crib when she was a baby, solid wood and nicely built to last a lifetime. I had looked thru store after store for a crib, frustrated at cheap materials, plastic parts, and shoddy workmanship. I remembered a nice quality crib my Mom used to have for years, but had given up on finding one like I was looking for made today. This crib is a perfect gift – it is exactly what I had been hoping to find for Hope!

Joy’s gift to Hope is a gorgeous (and bright) teddy-bear baby quilt with shinny button eyes. I hang it over the foot of the crib, and at times I will catch Hope awake and staring at it. I think she is spellbound by the bright colors. I love the way her quilt brightens the whole room, and I know it was made with lots of love. Thanks Joy, even though you’re not here I think of you every time I see your quilt!

And last but certainly not least, Joanna hand painted a matching set of dressers that are adorably cute and compliment the room perfectly! I had wanted to decorate the room with some teddy-bear images and pictures for the walls, so Joanna made the dressers in a Whinnie the Pooh bear theme. It is obvious a lot of love was behind all the work that went into these dressers.


I had to take a minute to say thanks for these beautiful gifts! I could have furnished the room with a set of matching furniture and a color cordinated crib and blanket set… and it would not have held half the warmth and love that it does now. Sisters are wonderful.  : )