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Unconditional Love

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

We’re driving back from a long day of catching up and running errands in town. Both Richard and I are frustrated, exhausted, and short on sleep, as Hope has been constantly fussy all day and keeping us up all night for a week now.  I’m driving with one hand while rocking her carseat behind me with the other hand, hoping she will quit crying, struggling to stay awake for the last 10 minutes of our drive home, and out of the blue Richard says to me:

“Now I know why parents have this unconditional love for their children.”

Not sure where that came from or what he is trying to say, I ask “why”?

“It keeps us from wanting to kill them.”

After I thought about it I had to laugh. Things that would normally drive a person nuts are nothing to a parent. I guess that will probably be true on many an occasion as she grows. Funny how I can’t even think of being upset with her – no matter how tired/stressed/short on sleep/exhausted I am - there’s just love.

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Here’s a couple photos I took of hope while Richard was holding her. She loves looking at her daddy when he talks to her!