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Hope's Baby Shower

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

I had a wonderful afternoon with family and friends who came to celebrate Hope’s birth with a baby shower today. It was a fun gathering at my family’s home in Los Lunas, and Hope was blessed with many generous gifts that will certainly come in handy now and as she grows.

My Mom planned the shower and sent out all the invitations, Amanda organized the food and games and a neat opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts for Hope on little cards I can save for her scrapbook, I got to spend time with Joanna, Sarah, Susan, Nicole, Lindsay, Kelly, Cheryl, Tish and Nikki, while Hope made the rounds alternating between smiling and sleeping in willing arms.

I don’t think I will have to buy baby clothes for the next year after Hope’s shower!  : )  She now has many adorable outfits to grow into over the coming months, along with useful and appreciated items like shampoo, lotion, wipes, toys, and more.

Cheryl’s gift included a cute little plaster kit to make her handprint in, Kelly surprised me with a perfect little WillowTree figurine titled “Hope Lifts Us Up!” that couldn’t have been more fitting (not to mention I love the Willow Tree figurines!), and Sarah found a unique soft and fuzzy teddy-bear nursery rhyme book that fits right in with the teddy-bear theme of her room.
One of our website clients Victor & Julie sent a handmade blanket that is so soft and fluffy I want to steal it for myeslf! My Aunt Pauline sent a handmade bright red and yellow baby quilt that she sleeps under every night now. Hope already has a savings fund started up with generous gifts from her Great Grandma & Grandpa Essenmacher, and Susan’s parents as well.
Hope has also been ‘adopted’ by some very special ‘Aunts’ that are a close part of my life thru our dogs. Her ‘Aunt Linda’ (who has 5 Italian Greyhounds from me) sent Hope a rocking horse that she is going to love when she grows into it! Her ‘Aunt Rhona’ sent a whimsical box packed full of fun, funny, and useful stuff (clothes, blankets, shoes, socks, jewelry, toys, a handmade plaque, and more).
Hope got many comments on how adorable she was at the shower with her bright alert eyes and wearing a beautiful string of pearls sent to her from her ‘Aunt Yvonne’ ( Yvonne (who has 2 Italian Greyhounds from me) sent a gift of beautiful pearls – a necklace / braclet set for Hope, and a matching bracelet / necklace / earring set for me (photos of Hope in her pearls will be added in the next post) – along with some framed original prints from the 30’s by a children’s book illustrator, an adorable pink jacket for Hope to grow into, and some beautiful hand-made quilts and blankets.

She’s a very blessed little girl!