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Caffeine & Rumble-Strips

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Hope, 11 weeks oldFor the most part, I am not very big on caffeine. Now that Hope is here though, I don’t drink any caffeine at all. If I do, she has a really bad, irritable, and upset time for the next day or two, so I simply avoid it completely now.

Never really missed it much … until we left for our 10 hour drive to Dallas Texas for the dog show this past weekend. Despite efforts to get things packed and ready early thru the week, we ended up running into late Thursday evening trying to get loaded up and ready to leave. We planned to get up to leave at midnight (after heading to bed early and getting a good couple hours sleep first), but in reality didn’t ended up finished packing until after 10PM. For some reason, rather than taking a short nap before heading out, it sounded like a good idea to just leave early and have a couple extra hours to nap the next afternoon when we arrived early. Oh how you see things differently looking back!

Hope, 11 weeks oldWe started out driving, and not even an hour into the trip I was already done. Richard switched me and he drove, but I felt bad for him as he was tired too. So after an hour of trying to nap I offered to trade him again so he could rest. This time his break lasted barely long enough for him to close his eyes – within 15 minutes I was hitting the rumble strips and had to switch him back again. Unfortunately (for Richard) the rest of the trip was mostly the same. Try as I would (and did – repeatedly), I could not manage to stay awake and drive for more than 15 minutes at a time. Finally in frustration I suggested that he park for an hour and take a nap himself. That worked great till Hope woke up 15 minutes into his nap and started fussing…

Hope, 11 weeks oldWe did finally make it to Dallas around 2:00 the following day. Sure was a long hard trip though. I never realized how much help a little caffeine is to stay awake on those drives. I guess rumble strips must have been developed as an alternative for nursing moms who can’t drink caffeine!

Dog Show Weekend

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Hope came to the SACCI National Show with us this past weekend in Texas. It was a great dog show, well put together and a lot of fun. We had the honor of having two of the shows judged by Dr Pierluigi Scalia & Michele Palazzo (who traveled in from Italy to be here).

Many folks at the show commented on Hope, she was adorable and very well behaved quietly sitting and watching the bustle with big eyes. Michele Palazzo especially seemed quite taken with her. He held and played with her, said she needed to learn to speak Italian, and he insisted on having his picture taken with her on a number of occasions. I think she’s well on her way to winning the judges over – have to start her showing the dogs soon!

10 Weeks Old

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Hope is 10 weeks old, 10.5 lbs, and just full of smiles! We’re getting ready to head out to TX for a dog show weekend … so not enough time to write all I want to here, but had to drop in a couple new photos to enjoy before we left!


Two Sleeps Forward & One Sleep Back

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Hope has settled into a regular sleeping schedule after her first couple weeks. She goes to sleep by 10PM, eats at 1:30 & 4:30, and then wakes up for the day between 6 - 7 in the morning.

For the previous two days, she slept thru her usual 1:30 feeding, not waking up till 4:30. I figured the first night was a fluke, but after the second night in a row the same, I began to get hopeful she was going to make this her permanent new schedule.

Yesterday I went to bed anticipating a nice night of sleep … and she threw all consistency to the wind and stayed up half the night and most of the morning.

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Would be nice if she goes back to sleeping thru most of the night again soon. Still, she’s worth every minute of lost sleep  : )

Fun at the Park

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

We spent the afternoon today with my family enjoying a picnic and some games at a local park. It was a nice sunny day with a slight breeze, though it did start out a bit chilly. Hope made the rounds with many willing arms to hold her, and slept contentedly for a while with Amanda while I got to be the ‘playground tickle monster’ for Amanda and Mark’s three daughters. Much to everyone’s amusement I had their middle daughter Jenna leash-trained by mid afternoon! (I just convinced her it was really fun for her to hold on to the handle end of a dog leash … and all that was needed after that was to clip the other end to a belt loop or whatever as we were walking around to keep her nearby!)

After Hope woke up, she got her Grandma-time in. She was very warm and content sitting on Grandma’s lap in the sun, and actively looking around with wide bright eyes. She seemed to think the spot in the sun was just wonderful. I think she takes after me and likes to be warm. Bad news for Richard though, as she grows he’ll be outnumbered when it comes to voting on how the heater runs in the car during the winter!


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Who needs Sleep to Function anyway?

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Sleep. Ah yes. I can remember times when I actually used to get the required amount needed to maintain the ability to function properly throughout my day. Those times seem to be far in the foggy past (not very well remembered by my tired brain I guess). Sleep is one of those little things you sometimes take for granted till you’re running short enough on it that you don’t function well anymore!

Hope was awake last night. Hmm. Let me re-phrase that.

Hope was Wide Awake, Happy, Active, Excited, and Bright-Eyed (which is more than I can say for Richard and myself) until some time after 1:00 AM this morning! She had such a fun night, trying to laugh, waving her little arms in the air, and kicking so excitedly. We did miss the sleep we weren’t getting, but she is so worth it and is so much fun to interact with.

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Unfortunantly, our day started very early the next morning.
As it turns out, “very early” was apparently way too early to get nearly enough sleep to function properly. 

Richard had to be up at 4:30 AM to take a puppy down the the airport. I was trying my hardest to let him get as much sleep as possible so every time Hope started fussing to eat I would quickly jump out of bed to get her before she woke Richard up. I woke up again to her fussing, and as I was getting up I hear Richard tell me he’ll get Hope for me, as he had to get up anyway. I was surprised to find he was awake, and when I commented on it he told me he had just been hitting snooze on the alarm for the past 30 minutes. I must have been sleeping so soundly … our alarm always wakes me up, and it had been going off at 5 minute intervals for 30 minutes and I hadn’t had a clue!

He brought me Hope, and I fed her again and settled her in bed with me as he left for the airport. A couple hours later I awoke to a strange warmth in my left hand. Opening my eyes I was rather confused to find a foil wrapped breakfast burrito had mysteriously materialized in my bedroom and settled in my hand! A confused inquiry across the house brought Richard (who had returned from the airport) to the bedroom where he proceeded to laugh at me. Apparently he had called on his way home (I didn’t wake up enough to hear the phone) to ask if I was hungry. After getting no answer, he brought me a breakfast burrito, walked in the bedroom, woke me up and told me he brought me breakfast, and gave me the burrito before heading back out to the kitchen to eat his. Honestly though, all I remember is waking up (apparently 30 minutes later) in a state of confusion regarding a burrito that appeared by itself in my hand!

Since Richard had been up really early taking the puppy to the airport already, I thought I would make the drive we needed to pick up a big (1,000 lb) bale of hay for the horses that morning. I told him if he hitched up the trailer for me, he could go take a nap while I got the hay. I backed the truck up, he hitched the trailer, told me I was good to go, and went back to bed. As I was returning home towing the hay, the trailer started making strange jerking and clunking noises. I slowly pulled over and stopped – just at the top of a big hill -  to get out and find that the only thing keeping the trailer from rolling back down the hill was the safety chains … it was not hitched to the truck anymore! I called Richard to tell him we had a problem, the trailer hitch had come off the truck, he told me the pin (that locked the hitch) had probably fallen out, and the trailer had sliped off. So back I went to jump on the front of the trailer and try to re-hitch it up to the truck. All went well until I got the trailer hitch back on the truck … and couldn’t seem to lock it into place … until I realized the pin WAS still in the trailer hitch … In the UNLOCKED position! Seems Richard had set the trailer hitch on the truck and completely forgotten to latch and secure it in place before I left that morning (although he did swear repeatedly that he hadn’t been trying to kill me). At least he did remember the safety chains or I would have been watching cars dodging out of the way as my trailer and hay went rolling back down the hill in my review mirror!

After re-hitching the trailer (properly this time) I made it back home, we unloaded the hay, and I came in to feed Hope again. I noticed her little nightgown (that Richard had put on her that morning) was fitting a little loose around her neck, then I noticed the tag on the inside under her chin. As I started to give Richard a hard time about remembering to put the tags toward the back … I noticed the large puppy patch (that was suppost to be on her chest) in the middle of her back!

Shortly later in the morning, Richard went out to check a cracked water pipe under a faucet in our yard. While checking it … it snapped clean off giving him a nice shower! After shutting off the main water line to the house he started digging up the pipe and sent me to town to buy the stuff he needed to fix it. That worked great till I found myself standing in Home Depot staring at bags of rocks too heavy for me to lift into my cart, or from the cart to the car for that matter. Meanwhile, back at home Richard was upside-down face first in a muddy hole trying to saw off the broken pipe 4 feet deep in the hole. Wet and muddy and almost done, he heard someone honk their horn. Rather than trying to get out of the hole right then, he figured they could wait for just a minute … he continued sawing faster and faster, while someone kept honking the horn intermettently every 30 seconds or so. The dogs started barking, the horn sounded again, and he finaly got the pipe sawed off, climbed out of the hole, went to the gate, and there was no-one there… He had stuck our car keys and remote in his pocket and had not realized he was pushing the button while in the hole causing the horn to honk on our own car!

As some point you have to just give up on a day and go back to bed!

Two Months Worth of Time

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Hope is Two Months old today!     Wow. What a thought.

Hope, 8 weeks old

Pondering that has brought me to the realization that two months worth of time passing is not always the same amount of time at all (depending on the months being considered).

For example, the last two months of my pregnancy was most certainly without a doubt a MUCH LONGER period of time than the first two months I have spent with our beautiful baby girl. Those last two months before her birth passed so slowly… One day at a time those months dragged by at an almost unbearably slow pace. Hot, swollen, hot, clumsy, tired, hot, impatient, nesting, hot … did I mention hot???

I can laugh now, looking back.
Isn’t that a nice way of clarifying that it wasn’t funny then?  ; )~

   I remember the nights of getting up to pee 8+ times a night. Those nights are especially memorable after the point where it became a major effort just to roll over in bed. I realized one night that effort it took to climb into bed, lie down, roll over, tuck in a pillow to support my belly, and be ready to go to sleep was an exhausting amount of work! But then take all that effort and work, multiply by two (repeat all steps backwards to get out of bed, then again to get back in), and then repeat the entire process 8+ times a night for bathroom trips what seemed like every 30 minutes… No wonder I was always tired!!!
   I remember trips to the store, or the movie theatre, or out ’somewhere’ just to be anywhere that had an air-conditioner! Even better yet, trying to figure out exactly how long I could get away with intently studying the ingredients of packages of frozen food in the grocery isles (while standing in front of the open freezer door) before someone caught on. Our local Smiths grocery store has a walk in beer cooler. Let me tell you, a very pregnant woman in the middle of a hot summer day in the desert couldn’t ask for a better place – (aside from the odd looks a pregnant woman surrounded by beer cases gets)!

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These last two months since her birth have been wonderful. They have passed so quickly that were it not for the calender I would be hard pressed to believe it has been that long. At times I still have a hard time grasping the concept that I am a ‘mom’ now. Richard is a ‘dad’. We have a beautiful daughter. (I think it’s time to insert another mental “Wow” here) I still have to stop and simply marvel at her, even after two months! I remember so clearly the moment she was born and I first saw her, and seconds later as I first held her in my arms. In that moment, it was all worth it. The months of difficulty, the labor, everything … it was all worth it and nothing mattered anymore but that beautiful little miracle I held in my arms.

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Two months old already. I’m going to miss these months. I am torn between excitement and anticipation watching Hope grow, change, mature, respond, smile … and a strange sadness that she is growing and changing so quickly already. I am enjoying every day with my little girl (asleep on my lap as I type this). Reminds me of something I keep on the desktop of my laptop as a reminder when things get too busy:

We have this moment to hold in our hands,
and to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand.
Yesterdays gone, and tomorrow may never come,
but we have this moment today.