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Smiles & Laughs

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Hope, 3.5 months oldHope is growing more and more alert and mobile every day. She is bright eyed and happy, and those big happy smiles are starting to make quite frequent appearances!

She’s getting very good at holding her head up looking around, and especially at locating mom & dad when she hears our voices (usually followed by a HUGE smile)!

 She laughed the other day, and looked quite surprised with herself. It was pretty funny. I don’t think she could figure out where that noise came from…

Short note as I seem to be behind on everything, but had to get some new photos up as the masses are demanding their updates!  : )~

More soon! 

 Hope, 3.5 months old Hope, 3.5 months old Hope, 3.5 months old
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Daddy Time & Rogaine

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Hope, 11 weeks oldMost mornings Richard spends an hour or so of ‘Daddy Time’ with Hope. Especially as she is growing she is becoming very responsive and enjoys interactig with us more and more. She certainly does love her Daddy – full of laughs and smiles and squeaks! Richard has a lot of fun as well, I think he really enjoys his time with her. Though he keeps threatening to steal her for good, I always get her promptly returned when she has a dirty diaper!

So far Hope has kept her full head of thick dark hair – despite warnings that it would fall out. She is, however, becoming much more active and rubbing the back of her head turning it back and forth quite a lot now. This morning Richard called and I ran into the bedroom thinking something was wrong … he had picked her up out of her ‘eskimo suit’ and found a noticeable amount of hair left inside the hood – he thought she was going bald (and might be contagious)! Poor guy kept asking if there wasn’t something we could do for her (Rogaine perhaps?), but I think I have finally managed to convince him that his daughter is not destined to go thru life bald as a result of early irreversable hair loss.  : )~

3 Months!

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Faith & Hope, 12 weeks oldHow time flies … Hope is three months old today!

On one hand, it seems like these past three months have passed so quickly… watching Hope grow, change, and become more active, alert, and responsive. That it has been three months already since she arrived is hard to believe.

On the other hand, it seems like she has been here for so long already. At first everything was ‘different’ after she arrived, it was new and required some adjustment and getting used to. The nighttime feedings, unloading a baby at every stop when running errands, remembering to pack the diaperbag every time we left (and yes, mom did forget the all important clean diapers on a couple occasions), the re-scheduling each day’s planned activities around baby feedings, naps, diaper changes, and playtimes… it was a lot of changes to adjust to – very different from simply picking up and leaving on our own schedule anytime we wanted to.

Hope, 12 weeks oldToday, I’m hard pressed to remember a time without Hope. She has become such a part of our lives. Though the months have passed quite fast, I can hardly believe it has been ‘only’ three months since she was born.

Hope is growing, changing, maturing, and becoming more alert, active and responsive every day it seems! She smiles, she wiggles and kicks (and scoots – see the “Scooter” entry below), she waves her little arms around, and gets so excited! Diaper changes are always welcomed with a big smile, the toys hanging on her car-seat are becoming quite exciting, and she will stare at her mobile above her crib while wiggling and waving enthusiastically. She always has a huge smile for the first one to her crib in the morning (and the second one too), and easily recognizes Mom and Dad with very regular and frequent smiles now too. She is becoming very vocal – everything from soft contented grunts and hums when she eats, to cooing and and squealing when she tries to ‘talk’ – she is gathering up quite an assortment of sounds. She is starting to laugh too now. Today she was in her crib watching her mobile and she laughed so loud that Richard bolted across the room to make sure she was OK! (I think she startled herself with that laugh!)

Hope, 12 weeks oldHope, 12 weeks oldHope, 12 weeks old
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The first picture on this post makes me laugh!  : )  As usual, when I get out the camera, Faith has to pop in to make sure I don’t forget her and she isn’t missing any of the fun!

Waterlogged Popcorn

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

I think there used to be a time when I was ‘normal’ … or at least reasonably close to it! Funny how things change with a baby.

Hope, 12 weeksI used to drink water by the glass. Once  Hope (and her big appetite) arrived, I started drinking water by the quart. Multiple quarts would be more accurate. 
So on days when we are running errands and I get thirsty, I’d run into a gas station and buy a big one-liter bottle of water… soon realized a small problem though, my liter of water would be gone in 30 seconds and I’d still be thirsty.
Next, I started coming out with two of the big one-liter bottles of water at a time. That worked better, lasted me for about an hour on a good day  ; )~
Then I started looking at the price of the one-liter bottles, compared to the price for a gallon (only about $.30 more), so I started coming out with a gallon of water which would last me happily thru the rest of the day.

It never occurred to me there was anything odd about that, until one day Richard asked me when I was going to start drinking like a normal person again. (Apparently ‘normal’ people don’t lug around gallons of water to chug on all day long)! I just smile and offer him a drink… not like I don’t have plenty to share!  : )~

Yesterday was a long busy day. Lots of working on websites and running dogs to the vet for appointments and vaccinations, We came home pretty tired and decided to rent a movie and relax in bed with the laptop for the evening.
      It was nice.
   …I was hungry.

Not wanting to bother Richard to get up and take the time to make food, I grabbed a bag of popcorn to munch on thru the movie.
      It was good.
   …I think I ate a lot of popcorn.

The movie ended and I got ready for bed, brushed my teeth, drank my usual ‘normal’ quart of water before bed, and climbed under the covers.

   …It only took about 2 minutes to come to the painful realization that a full belly of dry popcorn does not mix well with a quart of water.


Perhaps one day I’ll go back to being ‘normal’ again … Grandma says it’s not going to happen.
She’s worth it though!  : )~

'Scooter' the Eskimo

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

It’s official. Hope’s new nickname (for the moment) is “Scooter”.

Hope, 11 weeks oldScooter has discovered the wonderful world of locomotion. Lying on her back, she digs her heels in and marvels at her new-found ability to scoot herself around now. A couple days ago she had scooted about 8 inches out of her blanket at night. This morning though, she went all the way up the length of her crib, then turned the corner and was heading down the side! At this rate she’s going to be doing laps pretty soon!

It’s getting to be just a wee bit chilly up here in the mountains (coming up on my least favorite time of year) Brrrr. Last night was a whopping 14 degrees. COLD! (Have I mentioned lately I hate being cold?)

I think when ‘Grandpa’ goes back for his next trip to Alaska I’m going to have to ask him to bring back some warm fuzzy Eskimo outfits for me. Hope, on the other hand, she’s already all set!

At first, I don’t think she was quite sure what to think of her Eskimo outfit … but it was so snuggly she warmed right up to/in it rather quickly. After that, she seemed to think it was pretty funny – even if she does look like she just escaped from Antarctica! 

Hope, 11 weeks oldHope, 11 weeks oldFaith, keeping warm in the sun
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And talk about SMILES!!! I caught some of my first photos of Hope’s BIG HAPPY SMILES today! Normally I get them all the time – Daddy does too – but when my face dissapears behind that big black thing … the big smiles fade away. I guess I’m more fun and interesting to look at than the camera is.  : )~

Hope, 11 weeks oldHope, 11 weeks oldHope, 11 weeks old
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Photo Requirements

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

It was brought to my attention that I had failed to live up to expectations as I didn’t include any photos in my previous post.

SO … just a public announcement to let everyone know that this unfortunate situation has been corrected. The previous post (Caffeine & Rumble Strips) has been edited to include the required new pictures of Hope!

Enjoy!   : )~