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Waterlogged Popcorn

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

I think there used to be a time when I was ‘normal’ … or at least reasonably close to it! Funny how things change with a baby.

Hope, 12 weeksI used to drink water by the glass. Once  Hope (and her big appetite) arrived, I started drinking water by the quart. Multiple quarts would be more accurate. 
So on days when we are running errands and I get thirsty, I’d run into a gas station and buy a big one-liter bottle of water… soon realized a small problem though, my liter of water would be gone in 30 seconds and I’d still be thirsty.
Next, I started coming out with two of the big one-liter bottles of water at a time. That worked better, lasted me for about an hour on a good day  ; )~
Then I started looking at the price of the one-liter bottles, compared to the price for a gallon (only about $.30 more), so I started coming out with a gallon of water which would last me happily thru the rest of the day.

It never occurred to me there was anything odd about that, until one day Richard asked me when I was going to start drinking like a normal person again. (Apparently ‘normal’ people don’t lug around gallons of water to chug on all day long)! I just smile and offer him a drink… not like I don’t have plenty to share!  : )~

Yesterday was a long busy day. Lots of working on websites and running dogs to the vet for appointments and vaccinations, We came home pretty tired and decided to rent a movie and relax in bed with the laptop for the evening.
      It was nice.
   …I was hungry.

Not wanting to bother Richard to get up and take the time to make food, I grabbed a bag of popcorn to munch on thru the movie.
      It was good.
   …I think I ate a lot of popcorn.

The movie ended and I got ready for bed, brushed my teeth, drank my usual ‘normal’ quart of water before bed, and climbed under the covers.

   …It only took about 2 minutes to come to the painful realization that a full belly of dry popcorn does not mix well with a quart of water.


Perhaps one day I’ll go back to being ‘normal’ again … Grandma says it’s not going to happen.
She’s worth it though!  : )~