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4 Months! (and Growing Fast)

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Hope, 4 months old

Hope at four months is changing so quickly, she seems to learn something new or better on a daily basis!

She’s holding her head up easily, alert, looking around, watching things and people, laughing, standing (with help to balance herself),  squeaking, talking with a growing assortment of baby sounds, and smiling – there’s no way I can forget to mention the ear-to-ear SMILES she shares with us every day!

Forget sitting, Hope wants to go straight to standing. Being held for balance while she stands and sways is becoming a favorite pastime of hers. Rolling over is going to happen soon too – she gets almost all the way there … but not quite yet.

Faith really can’t understand why Hope doesn’t play with her yet. Faith & Hope, 4 months oldShe tries so hard… Faith will bring Hope a toy, and set it by her hand. Then she’ll wait, pick it up and move it, and drop it by Hope’s hand again … and nudge it closer … and watch and wait again. After repeating this for a minute or two, Faith apparently thinks that perhaps a different toy will be more interesting and catch her attention! This usually results in my returning to find Hope surrounded by a small mountain of assorted dog toys while Faith eagerly waits for her to catch on!

The other recent favorite Faith/Hope interaction is Hope’s toe bathing sessions. Hope will stick her little bare foot out (thru the car-seat slit) of her warm and fuzzy eskimo suit – and Faith will oblige with a personal toe washing licking. Hope will watch ever so interestedly, and will LAUGH and wiggle her little toes around, then pull them back in … only to stick them back out and wait for Faith to do it again! 

Hope, 4 months old Hope, 4 months old Hope, 4 months old
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Our little girl is growing every day and oh-so much fun! She smiles so frequently, she brightens my every day and melts my heart with each one. There are the morning smiles – the big excited happy-to-see-you grins when she first sees me at her crib in the morning. Then there are the happy excited playful interaction smiles. And the smiles of recognition when she sees her mom or dad. But my favorite are the sleepy content smiles when she is nursing. She’ll be busy eating, and then will stop to roll her head and look up at me and her little face just beams with some of the most peaceful content smiles I have ever seen. Then she’ll get back to the business of eating for a minute more, and again, stop to just look up at my face and smile. She’ll usually do this for about 5-10 minutes at the end of the day, as she is getting more sleepy and ready for bed… and she melts my heart completely with each one. I have never known such a feeling of satisfaction and joy as to see her so happy in my arms. I love this little girl!  : )