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6 Months (on a roll now)

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Hope, 6 MonthsWhat a month of firsts for Hope this has been. In the past weeks she has gotten two teeth, learned to roll over – both ways -  to pull herself into a sitting position in her swing, and to be quite more vocal and opinionated as well!

 She has become very “touchy”. Especially when she is eating she loves to look up and touch my face with her hand.

 She has started really getting into expressing herself with sounds now too, especially in the mornings. Some mornings we wake up to what sounds like a very happy barnyard has gotten loose in the crib across the room!

She has started using rolling as her means of getting places now. If she wants to scoot and can’t seem to get the coordination down to get where she wants to go, she’ll roll a couple times and be right there! 

Her balance is getting stronger, and soon she’s going to be sitting on her own I bet.  : )

Hope, 6 Months Hope, 6 Months Hope, 6 Months
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Faith & Hope, 6 Months Faith & Hope, 6 Months Faith & Hope, 6 Months
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