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California Fun at the Beach

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Laura & Hope, 7 MonthsWe took a road trip out to California to pick up a couple of new Cane Corso puppies, and Hope got to see the ocean for the first time. She seemed quite excited watching the waves, so I took her out to see one up close and personal. Standing with her toes in the sand was interesting for her – she did the stork thing for a second with one leg up in the air, then noticed the wave coming in toward her. I guess they must have looked a lot better from up in the safety of mom’s arms than staring at them from her level, because she sure was watching it intently. She didn’t really mind though, till it washed over her toes – then she decided it was COLD and she didn’t much care for bare toes in the waves!

She did great on the trip out, and really enjoyed all the time spent visiting folks and seeing the sights. On our way out we stopped at a beautiful beach to relax and enjoy ourselves for a bit. I think some folks that live near it take the ocean for granted as it is there all the time, probably like I do the mountains here. I love the ocean though, it is so beautiful and relaxing for me. The time spend on the beach with Richard and Hope was the best part of the whole trip for me!

Here are some photos to share.   : )

Richard & Hope, 7 Months Laura & Hope, 7 Months Laura & Hope, 7 Months

Laura & Hope, 7 Months Richard & Hope, 7 Months Laura & Hope, 7 Months
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