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Daddy Tips, Tricks & Trouble

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Hope, 7 MonthsRichard has been quite busy teaching Hope new tricks as she grows.

Biting the pacifier and playing tug with her teeth was a fun game … as long as it involved daddy and the pacifier. Once she carried it over to feeding time with mom though, we had a bit of a painful problem (followed by a discussion with dad regarding future new tricks).

The fine art of blowing a raspberry did not go over so well when she showered her half-asleep mom with a spray of milk the following morning… but she sure was amused and proud of herself! Dad tried his best to hide his amusement and feign innocence (apparently in light of mom’s displeasure it seemed the wise response) but with little success as he couldn’t seem to stop laughing.

His most recent was to teach her to stick her tongue out. She is quite a little ham, and very quickly picks up on new things – especially if it results in making people laugh at her! Needless to say, she very quickly became quite proficient at this new skill, and spent so much time with her tongue hanging out of her mouth that I had to buy her a tube of chapstick as she was causing a red chapped area on her bottom lip and chin.  

Here she is with Joanna – showing off her new skills!

Joanna & Hope, 7 Months Joanna & Hope, 7 Months 
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