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Father's Day Surprise!

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Richard’s Father’s Day Gift from Hope was a small package … but contained a BIG Surprise!

Father's Day Surprise!
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I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m so fond of playing practical jokes on people … but Richard’s first words were “Are you serious”?  Shortly followed by “I don’t believe you”.

I guess the fact that I was not (yet) morning-sick in bed constantly made things seem a little more unbelievable to him. Once I managed to convince him I was serious, he was really excited too though. A great Father’s Day Surprise (and he liked the chocolate too)!

10 Months

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Hope, 10 months

Hope at 10 months is growing and learning fast! She crawls easily everywhere, but is also starting to becoming more mobile pulling herself up and walking along things she can hold on to. She is quite excited about waving – and happily waves hi and bye almost all the time – except when we are visiting someone and she gets shy.  :)

She got to meet the horses with Joanna while visiting my parents house this afternoon. Though we gave her bribes (apples) Hope was not quite sure what to think of the horses … especially when they stuck their big noses up to her and sniffed at the apples!

Naptime in Dad’s lap is a special treat – usually accompanied by Faith as well. More often than not Richard gets a bit of an afternoon nap as well. I had to grab the camera and sneak this shot … it was too sweet to pass up.

Hope, 10 months, & Joanna Hope, 10 months, & Joanna Hope & Dad
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My brother Jesse and his wife Lindsay left this month to move to San Francisco, CA, for a couple years while Lindsay attends a dental school program out there. Hope is going to grow so much while they are gone, she always likes Jesse holding her – I love this expression on her face!

Hope, with Jesse & Lindsay( Click on any photo to view image full-size! )

Hope & Grandma

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Hope loves her Grandma (Laura’s Mom) - always happy to see her and full of smiles.
I took a couple really cute photos today so wanted to share – enjoy!

Hope & Grandma
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Hope & Grandma