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The Magic Touch

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Hope, 12 monthsRichard has long claimed (since shortly after he met me) that I have a certain ‘touch’ when it comes to computers.

According to him, I touch a computer and it breaks. In fact, he almost goes so far as to say that if I look at a computer is breaks.

All I can say is that it must run in my genetics, as Hope is working on her extra-special computer ‘touch’ already – yes – even at such a young age she is getting pretty good at it!

Richard was happily working away online today, while Hope was playing with some toys in the living room with us. All of a sudden Richard’s computer screen flickered … flashed … and went black! (and no, I hadn’t touched or even looked at it). 

He was still staring in confusion at his screen when I looked under the office table to find Hope sitting in front of his computer case with her finger on the power button … Click, click, click … and SUCH a grin on her face!

My little girl is taking after her mom already (insert evil grin here), Daddy better watch out!

Racetracks, Beaches, Sun & Sand in California!

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Hope, 12 monthsAnother road trip to California this month.

Hope had a blast at the beach, playing with rocks and considering being brave enough to get some sand in between her toes. On the towel was save, but it took her a little time to work up the courage to play in the sand.

By the time we left though, she was a salty, sticky, sandy little mess – so I guess she must have enjoyed herself!

We went to the DelMar Racetrack one afternoon - Hope seemed to enjoy hanging out in the grandstand and pointing at the horses. Pointing is another of her new accomplishments. Every-time she sees something she is interested in she’ll happily point at it.

We got to visit Jesse and Lindsay for a couple days in San Francisco, and see the Monteray Bay Aquarium (but a camera malfunction lost all my aquarium photos ). It was a long trip but a nice break.

Hope, 12 months Hope, 12 months Hope, 12 months
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Hope, 12 months Hope, 12 months Hope, 12 months

First Birthday! 1 Year Old!

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Hope's First Birthday - One Year!

Hope’s first birthday was (apparently, from the photo) a whole lot of fun!

She is just walking – taking a few wobbly steps at a time – and is ever so proud of herself every time she does.

While she wasn’t much impressed with wrapping paper,  she did get really excited over her new toys! Smiles from ear-to-ear, laughing, and lots of playing entertained us for the rest of the afternoon.

Hard to believe a whole year is gone by already. Our ‘little girl’ is growing up fast.

Hope's First Birthday - One Year! Hope's First Birthday - One Year! Hope's First Birthday - One Year!
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Hope's First Birthday - One Year! Hope's First Birthday - One Year!