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Zoo Visit, 14 Months

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Hope, 14 Months

Fourteen months finds Hope happily motoring all over on her own little legs!

Walking, talking, pointing, waving, and even getting brave enough to do a little exploring on her own – she seems to be constantly growing, changing, and surprising us with something new every day.

Joanna had a birthday this month, and we took a trip to the zoo with Joanna and some of my other siblings too. Hope liked all the animals she got to see and point at, and had a blast walking around on her own. Once her little legs got tired she discovered what a view she got from dad’s shoulders – and happily rode up there for the rest of the time.

Aunt Joanna sure is a lot of fun, and she even lets Hope help her play the piano!

Hope, 14 Months Hope, 14 Months Hope, 14 Months
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Hope, 14 Months Hope & Joanna, 14 Months Hope & Joanna, 14 Months

“Doggie Days”, 13 Months

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Hope & Faith, 11 Months

“Doggie” is Hope’s favorite word this month. Did I mention that she said ‘doggie’ even before she said ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’?

Hope is fascinated with dogs in general. She loves every dog she meets, small or large, and greets all with a pat on the head and an excited ‘doggie! Her favorite doggie is my Italian Greyhound Faith though. Hope plays with Faith, pets her, follows her around, hugs her, talks in her ear, and even takes naps with her. Faith seems to love every minute of it. I love watching them together.

Here are a couple cute photos from this month. Hope napping with Dad. The second is hope proudly hanging on to her loot – she has become quite a little pick-pocket and loves digging in pockets for anything she can pull out and lay claim to. And the third is Hope helping me take puppy pictures. 

 Hope, 11 Months Hope, 11 Months Hope, 11 Months
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Hope & Faith, 11 Months

This picture has to be one of my favorites though – Hope and Faith napping in the sun together.

Hope is walking easily all over now, getting more and more vocal, and growing in lots of new teeth too. No wonder she’s tired in this picture – she does a lot of running around.

Mom and Dad are having to do quite a lot more running around as well to keep up with her!