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Tasting the Wild, 15 Months

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Hope, 15 months

 15 months finds our little girl just under 20 lbs in weight (19 3/4 lbs to be exact), but she more than makes up for her petite size with a big personality!

Hope is easily walking now, bravely exploring, becoming more and more vocal all the time, and in this photo she is having fun stepping on crunchy  leaves at the park.

She is becoming quite an independent little thinker, and an escape artist to boot – learning how to open gates to areas of the house we try to keep her out of.

I have a bag of “Taste of the Wild” brand dog food for Faith in the house. Faith’s dog-food bowl is in our bedroom, which is off limits to Hope unless we are with her in there. Her recent gate-opening skills have lead to escapes into the bedroom, and hunting forays for food. Apparently we don’t feed out daughter enough, and the ‘wild’ tastes pretty good.

Yum … chocolate crunchy cheerios!

Hope, 15 months Hope, 15 months
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