Fun at the Park

We spent the afternoon today with my family enjoying a picnic and some games at a local park. It was a nice sunny day with a slight breeze, though it did start out a bit chilly. Hope made the rounds with many willing arms to hold her, and slept contentedly for a while with Amanda while I got to be the ‘playground tickle monster’ for Amanda and Mark’s three daughters. Much to everyone’s amusement I had their middle daughter Jenna leash-trained by mid afternoon! (I just convinced her it was really fun for her to hold on to the handle end of a dog leash … and all that was needed after that was to clip the other end to a belt loop or whatever as we were walking around to keep her nearby!)

After Hope woke up, she got her Grandma-time in. She was very warm and content sitting on Grandma’s lap in the sun, and actively looking around with wide bright eyes. She seemed to think the spot in the sun was just wonderful. I think she takes after me and likes to be warm. Bad news for Richard though, as she grows he’ll be outnumbered when it comes to voting on how the heater runs in the car during the winter!


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2 Responses to “Fun at the Park”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I love the pictures of her in the park! I think its that I really like the way the trees in the background are out of focus. It so pretty though and her eyes are so big! :)

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