10 Weeks Old

Hope is 10 weeks old, 10.5 lbs, and just full of smiles! We’re getting ready to head out to TX for a dog show weekend … so not enough time to write all I want to here, but had to drop in a couple new photos to enjoy before we left!


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  1. Rhona Says:

    Oh You Guuuuuuuuuyyyyyysssss……..Look at this GORGEOUS SPECIMEN; SHE’S THE ABSOLUTE EPITOME OF PERFECTION; and if you think that there’s a limit to the adjectives and adverbs that are out there just waiting to describe this little faerie girl -even those that are borderline maudlin and dripping with sap- you’re absolutely wrong, you’ve never been MORE wrong about anything -EVER, since this little upside down face staring at me with all the secrets of the Universe shining out of ‘those beady black eyes’ as my Nana said I had; eyes so moving that a truely human human being could never just pass by without being grabbed by their gaze, and would fight and struggle with words to describe the emotions they evoke.

    I can’t stand it; I love her so so so much. She’s helping me as I begin the last 18 or so months of shoring up my own life; my INDIVIDUAL; independent life; not life as MOM, but a life in a place that’s quiet with echoes of so many many years that moved so quick as to be cruel, and have forced me through many hoops of roaring flames…….UNBEARABLE; and then the reality of the beginning and the end and the PURPOSE OF THE JOURNEY begin to slowly seep in. And I knew that when I had 2 babies’ eyes staring up at me backwards; then the giant, toothless, shiny gums that shown with such glee. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, you say hello, as I say goodbye…Thank you Hope; you’re reminding me that you will always be this baby in the picture to me; just as my two babies still are; despite their size and knowledge, so you have shown me that I will make it easier for myself if I hold them close to me, the way I always did when they were tiny, tiny like you. For if I do, I will have gone full-circle; I will have given them every drop of love that I possibly have to give them; and I’m inspired to physically demonstrate to them that they’re still mine; although I feel such glee at their future adventures; and I WILL cry; but not as hard as I would have had I not found this photo at a time when I’m grappling- the very moment- where I’m allowing myself to KNOW there’s a natural end; and my resolve to make it THE ULTIMATE BONDING EXPERIENCE has been brought on by those two beady eyes of reality. Thank you my baby; I give you one thousand kisses for helping me; so tiny and so smart. God Bless you Baby. Aunt Rhona xoxox

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