3 Months!

Faith & Hope, 12 weeks oldHow time flies … Hope is three months old today!

On one hand, it seems like these past three months have passed so quickly… watching Hope grow, change, and become more active, alert, and responsive. That it has been three months already since she arrived is hard to believe.

On the other hand, it seems like she has been here for so long already. At first everything was ‘different’ after she arrived, it was new and required some adjustment and getting used to. The nighttime feedings, unloading a baby at every stop when running errands, remembering to pack the diaperbag every time we left (and yes, mom did forget the all important clean diapers on a couple occasions), the re-scheduling each day’s planned activities around baby feedings, naps, diaper changes, and playtimes… it was a lot of changes to adjust to – very different from simply picking up and leaving on our own schedule anytime we wanted to.

Hope, 12 weeks oldToday, I’m hard pressed to remember a time without Hope. She has become such a part of our lives. Though the months have passed quite fast, I can hardly believe it has been ‘only’ three months since she was born.

Hope is growing, changing, maturing, and becoming more alert, active and responsive every day it seems! She smiles, she wiggles and kicks (and scoots – see the “Scooter” entry below), she waves her little arms around, and gets so excited! Diaper changes are always welcomed with a big smile, the toys hanging on her car-seat are becoming quite exciting, and she will stare at her mobile above her crib while wiggling and waving enthusiastically. She always has a huge smile for the first one to her crib in the morning (and the second one too), and easily recognizes Mom and Dad with very regular and frequent smiles now too. She is becoming very vocal – everything from soft contented grunts and hums when she eats, to cooing and and squealing when she tries to ‘talk’ – she is gathering up quite an assortment of sounds. She is starting to laugh too now. Today she was in her crib watching her mobile and she laughed so loud that Richard bolted across the room to make sure she was OK! (I think she startled herself with that laugh!)

Hope, 12 weeks oldHope, 12 weeks oldHope, 12 weeks old
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The first picture on this post makes me laugh!  : )  As usual, when I get out the camera, Faith has to pop in to make sure I don’t forget her and she isn’t missing any of the fun!

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