Daddy Time & Rogaine

Hope, 11 weeks oldMost mornings Richard spends an hour or so of ‘Daddy Time’ with Hope. Especially as she is growing she is becoming very responsive and enjoys interactig with us more and more. She certainly does love her Daddy – full of laughs and smiles and squeaks! Richard has a lot of fun as well, I think he really enjoys his time with her. Though he keeps threatening to steal her for good, I always get her promptly returned when she has a dirty diaper!

So far Hope has kept her full head of thick dark hair – despite warnings that it would fall out. She is, however, becoming much more active and rubbing the back of her head turning it back and forth quite a lot now. This morning Richard called and I ran into the bedroom thinking something was wrong … he had picked her up out of her ‘eskimo suit’ and found a noticeable amount of hair left inside the hood – he thought she was going bald (and might be contagious)! Poor guy kept asking if there wasn’t something we could do for her (Rogaine perhaps?), but I think I have finally managed to convince him that his daughter is not destined to go thru life bald as a result of early irreversable hair loss.  : )~

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