Sitting Up

Hope, 5 Months

Sitting on her own doesn’t hold much interest for Hope yet. She’d much rather be standing – with our help for balance. So anytime we put her in a sitting position she’ll stiffen and arch back against our hands to try to stand. In her swing however, she has learned she can grab either side of the swing seat and pull herself into a sitting up position. This new trick is great fun, and to make it even more interesting she learned how to rock back and forth once sitting up to rock the swing by herself! She’ll laugh, and sit up, and flop backwards, and sit up again till she’s tired and worn out and and takes a nap.

Hope, 5 Months Hope, 5 Months
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Since the swing is low to the ground, Faith will often stop by for a visit and poke her nose in to say hi. Hope LOVES the dogs, and always gets really excited to see them!

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  1. Joanna Says:

    I love how you you can see all the drool on her chest! Haha. Shes so cute!

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