8 Months

Hope, 8 Months8 months finds Hope growing, changing, and becoming more gorgeous every day.

She is easily sitting and keeping her balance on her own now. In fact, she is almost able to sit up by herself now too!

Crawling is going to come soon. She is starting to get up on her hands and knees, at which point she will rock back and forth, and usually end up flopping backwards … ending up further from where she wants to go! She sure tries hard though, it won’t take long for things to come together. 

She is learning how to use her fingers better, she can pick up cheerios and manage to get them in her mouth on her own, and has mastered the art of pinching things between her thumb and fingers. Eating now goes hand in hand with pinching. Hope’s favorite thing to pinch while she is eating seems to be mom’s chest … which as a result looks like a scabby war zone.

Eating has become another new adventure this month. She had started to enjoy tasting foods, but until recently had not really wanted to eat any quantity of them. In the past week she has really decided she likes to eat now. Orange foods are her favorite, squash, carrots, and sweet potato – she sure makes funny faces for green-beans though! 

Enjoy the new photos!

Hope, 8 Months Hope, 8 Months Hope, 8 Months
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  1. Auntie Yvonne Says:

    My Lord she even looks more like Richard !!!!She is an absolute little doll. I love this dress and the pearls. The crawling pics and all the rest are just wonderful.

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